Custom Figure Inquiry

Welcome to Punch Customs.

The custom figures featured in this site range from WWII to Civil War to Superheroes. Are you interested in a specific figure from one of those eras or perhaps another era?

Many of the figures created here, such as the military or western figures, are created with clothing and gear available from various companies and customizers. Depending on your requests, most customizatiions requests can be done.

BASIC CUSTOMIZATION What is a basic customization? Basic custom figures from eras such as WWII, the Wild West, Civil War and Vietnam can be created to most specifications. For example, an WWII 82nd Airborne Paratrooper fully loaded ready for a jump or a Vietnam era Tunnel Rat with face camo, can be created just for you. Basic custom figures consists of existing gear from manufacturers like Hot Toys and Soldier Story, to name a few. Basic custom figures start at about $300.

SPECIALTY CUSTOMIZATION What is a specialty customization? Specialty custom figures are created with parts made specifically for your figure. For example, if your project requires a specific costume/uniform not currently available or a custom headsculpt, these pieces would have to be specifically designed for your project.

This would require a seamstress to design the clothing and a sculptor to sculpt the headsculpt.

Prices for this type of project vary depending on the amount of work required. Please contact me and we can discuss the details.

Thanks. Eric