About Us

Back in the mid 90's, like most grown men, I started collecting superhero action figures. Then in 1999, Dragon Models Ltd captivated my attention with their line of 1/6 WWII action figures. The detail was amazing. I was hooked!

After a few years of collecting, I decided to try my hand at retail and opened the online e-store, Red Planet Toys. Red Planet Toys offered boxed 1/6 action figures and loose parts. I then started to offer simple kitbashes. As someone with an art background, this was a great creative outlet. The more I made the more excited I got about each one.

In the beginning of 2013 I decided I was going to focus mainly on custom/kitbashes. A lot of my work is collaborations with talented artists like painter David Sucharski (aka Ski from Skiman's Workshop), leather artisan Gustavo Bautista Ponce, sculptors Andy Bergoltz, Erick Sosa & Jim Maddox, costume maker Tony Mei, plus the countless specialty customizers in this hobby.

I've created figures spanning many genres from the Civil War, WWII, the Wild West, Superheroes and many more. The next step is to create my own original figures. Stay tuned :)